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PYRX6 delux outfit with double DVD

package with dvd pyrx6

This is our De-lux Pyrography Outfit code PYRX6. It includes the power unit with two pens together with a DVD and an extra reel of heavier gauge wire for making a wide range of points. The instruction manual shows how to make points quickly with simple tools..

The 4mm "joiner" or coupler (red cylinder) can be used to run both pens simultaneously. Although each pen will run at reduced power and exactly the same current, there is plenty of power available for most applications. The same weight of wire needs to fitted to each pen or one will glow hotter than the other.

The video (on two DVD's - total running time 3 hours ten minutes) is "A Burning Ambition" which is an excellent introduction to pyrography by talented demonstrator and teacher Bob Neill. It is aimed at absolute beginners with little artistic ability and shows how to use the machine, how to change points, how to trace designs from books etc onto wood and also a few attractive projects shown in detail step by step to start you off.

The extra 1 ounce reel of wire is normally supplied as 24 SWG which is the gauge recommended by Bob and in Stephen Poole's book. This complements the finer wire supplied with the machine as standard so you will have the choice of two gauges of wire. If you want, you can choose a different gauge instead. If you want to make bird carving blades or other custom made heavy points you should ask for 23 SWG.

The usual selection of fine and medium points are shown - one spoon point for shading is also shown.

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