The best Hot Wire Pyrography Kit - now made by Robert Sorby

pyro machine

The Peter Child Artist's Pyrography Machine has been made by hand here at Little Yeldham for more than 40 years and the manufacture has now been taken forward with an improved design by the highly respected Robert Sorby tool company in Sheffield. It is deliberately over-engineered to be extremely robust and reliable. Units out there have been working hard continuously for twenty years or more. It is ideal for professional pyrographers who depend on this tool to make an income.
The power unit is housed in a strong steel case and if you look inside you will see no electronics (to go wrong) but solid brass and phosphor bronze heavy duty components designed to withstand many years of use. If it is damaged it is easy and economical to repair.

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The pen or "handpiece" is necessarily more delicate to be light and accurate to use but nevertheless they can last for many many years. Specialised "space age" chrome and nickel alloys are used to concentrate the heat at the business end and keep it away from your fingers. The design has never been equalled for comfort and ease of use. The handle stays cool and comfortable even after a hard days work. platterThe tips are just loops of wire which are easy and very cheap to replace. You can make them yourself but be sure to use the special alloy wire available in various weights to suit the job. The machine is supplied with fine wire for doing pictures and fine detailed burning. If you want to use it to enhance bird or stick carving, thicker wire is available. If you want to do really heavy burning for such as house nameplates then extra powerful points are on sale or again you can make them yourself without specialized tools.

penPyrography can be done on wood, leather, paper, cork or various fabrics.

pen tipThe wire points can be shaped for various tasks such as fine line work, shading, calligraphy and even for texturing or piercing woodturned projects. Please go to the next page to see more of the machines capability.

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